New possibilities for personalising the platform oo

New ways to personalise the platform!  We are giving customers more control over the look and feel of the platform by introducing rebranding options. Now you can:  Contact us today to find out more about the changes we have made to the DataPortal platform. 

Reports in DataPortal

Dear Partners,  We would like to introduce a new feature available in the DataPortal system. Analytical reports, i.e. historical overview of data, overview of recent values, analytical report.  Reports in the DataPortal System allow you to monitor, manage, analyse and present your process data. The reports provide a variety of information depending on the needs […]

Comfort or Professional?

DataPortal is a visualization system designed as a remote service, operating in a safe cloud computing environment. In DataPortal You can create and display screens with animated graphics with no need of additional external software nor specialist equipment acting as a data server. The processes in DataPortal, such as: collecting data from devices, their processing […]

Style refreshment

We are pleased to present refreshed whole front layout of our system. Now DataPortal looks better! We injection new technology at whole User interface in all sections. This will help in faster implementations of a new features and useful functions. New styles, buttons and icons looks better and give more after register device or login. […]


Stay at home and control MT telemetry devices in Your systems from home retreat. Chose your favorite browser and create Account by registering first telemetry device from Inventia brand. Connect your modules to, create screens and share the measurement data with your clients. Without leaving home! Device configuration and first steps available after logging […]

Better management

We are pleased to present refreshed management of Account resources in DataPortal. The December update allows you to safely add new resources, integrate them among itself, and manage own projects. In addition, we have also added new diagnostic functions that will allow easier control of data that DataPortal receives from remote devices. Along with the […]