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To start working in DataPortal it is necessary to have the Inventia telemetry module, its serial number and IMEI number.



For companies without their own designers, who value comprehensive service as well as simple and transparent methods of billing.

Fixed fee



For system integrators, companies with their own designers, who value flexible accounting methods and expert support.

Elastic fee

Flexible billing system

No need to purchase a license

Working with the DataPortal system is not limited by any additional licenses. The product works on all operating systems. It requires the use of a standard web browser without installing any additional plugins.
Forget about limiting the number of variables and start building your app today! Develop it without any restrictions!

INVENTIA is a global vendor of telemetry and location tracking devices based on 2G/3G/LTE, LTE Cat. M1, NB-IoT, GPS/GNSS and LTE450 technologies.



The design, production and sales processes as well as services provided by INVENTIA are covered by the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

No upfront costs, no end up costs

The DataPortal system has many advantages and features characteristic for advanced SCADA systems. Additionally, there is no need to use external software or to have specialized hardware acting as a data server. We provide automatic updating and continuous product development to enable you to enjoy its use.

No contracts and clear regulations

No separate agreement is required to use the DataPortal System. The transparent and available online regulations define the rules of its use.

Costs control

The built-in billing module allows you to control the current costs of using the system on an ongoing basis. The transparent interface makes it easier for the account administrator to make decisions and optimize costs, also ensuring the possibility of self-recharging the account, if necessary.

Free trial period

At the beginning, we give you up to 90 points for testing the system to be used for a maximum of 3 months!

After this time, choose one of the two User Packages: Comfort or Professional.


When you want Inventia specialists to do all the work for you.


When you feel you can handle the challenge.

Contact us and find out what solution is best for you

Our sales department can suggest an optimal solution

90 points to start

Each new account in the DataPortal system is automatically topped up with 90 inPoint units, used to test the system’s capabilities.

Test the system

The inPoint starter package will allow you to get to know all the possibilities of DataPortal.

Select an account type

After the test period, you can choose one of the account options - Comfort or Professional.

Use in the most convenient way

Both variants of the account have their advantages, and the choice depends on the level of advancement of the users and their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tel: +48 502 056 503

The cost may be a fixed subscription fee from PLN 360 per year in the Comfort mode or a biling for the consumption of resources in the Professional mode. We have prepared cost calculator for the calculations.

In the Comfort mode, the customer can use DataPortal paying a fixed annual fee, and Inventia specialists prepare synoptic screens. In the Professional mode, the billing is based on the consumption of resources using the virtual currency - inPoint.

In the Comfort mode, we have a fixed subscription fee for a limited number of resources plus the cost of creating synoptic screens on request.
In the Professional mode, we have a billing for the consumption of resources. We have prepared cost calculator for the calculations.
There is no contract for a definite period of using DataPortal, but in the Comfort mode, a fixed fee is paid for a year of using the system.