Best practices and modern technologies

The highest level of SCADA application security

Our programmers follow new technologies, their development, and the opportunities they can offer. Proven mechanisms and recognized IT standards were used in the building of the system, as well as in its subsequent optimization.

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Remote and fully secure access to the system

Thanks to the implementation of HTTPS, SSL, and other data encryption mechanisms, network communication is fully secured. Remote access to resources allows you to monitor and control the process from anywhere, maintaining full control over the data.

Access control

Access to the user's account is possible from the Internet, therefore, when designing DataPortal, we emphasize ensuring the security of accounts and data held.


We have designed and implemented fully automated data backup and recovery functions that enable easy protection and management of collected data.

Data transmission

Data from MT and ML telemetry and location modules can be transferred to the DataPortal system with the use of various service providers (private APN) and transmission media (GSM network, Ethernet).


We have implemented several internal functions and mechanisms to ensure maximum stability and reliability of the DataPortal system, eliminating downtime in its operation.

Data hosting

The DataPortal system is also adapted to the implementation of tasks where there is only a need to collect measurement data, and the requirements do not include the need to build synoptic screens. Perhaps it will be enough to preview the values collected in the form of a table. The collected data can be shared as comma-separated files (CSV). Data hosting is ready!

DataPortal as a data gateway for other systems and applications

DataPortal is not only a platform for collecting, processing, and visualizing measurement data. It also enables communication with external systems, also in real-time, using standards such as OPC UA, MQTT, FTP, CSV, XML.

We provide free updates

New functionalities are added several times a year. You have the guarantee that your system is up-to-date and you can use all its functions without restrictions or additional investments.

System stability and reliability

We monitor individual components of the platform on an ongoing basis. The key to success is the use of proven suppliers and the services offered by reputable companies.

Accounts and users

Accounts represent company clients, and provide access permissions to content such as projects and screens, but also data sources, tags, devices, and SIM cards.


can create sub-accounts and, within them, projects and screens for their clients. They can manage and log in to the user accounts they have created.



create projects, screens, manage data sources and devices, and have access to billing information.



can view working screens and, if such function is provided, control the device from the screen.



can only watch working screens, without being able to control devices.


Frequently asked questions

If you did not find the answer to your questions contact us:


Tel: +48 502 056 503

No, DataPortal works in any web browser, without the need to install additional applications and plugins. You can also use it on tablets and phones.

It does not matter what operating system we use, as long as we have a web browser installed in it and access to the network.

No, DataPortal has a visual designer in which we only need to know what variables provide which type of data. The rest depends on creativity and the right selection of items from the toolbox.

Yes, DataPortal can be used on the phone, although it mainly concerns resource management or the preview of animation screens. The screen editor itself is such a complex application that it is simply not convenient to use it on the phone, although it is possible.
Yes, DataPortal is a cloud-based system that can be used by many users at the same time. There is no limit to the area of ​​management and design, and account administrators can set limits for simultaneous connections to watch ready-made animations.