Cloud based solution

The new generation of industrial software

Cost savings related to the building and maintenance of own server infrastructure

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Presentation of data in an individual graphic form

Non-stop 24/7 operation of the system

Alarming with notification

DataPortal is a data visualization system

Designed as a remote service and operating in a safe cloud computing environment.

To use DataPortal, i.e. to create and display screens with animated graphics, nor additional external software, nor additional licenses, nor specialized hardware acting as a data server are required. DataPortal service processes, such as collecting data from devices, and their processing and analysis, as well as providing the prepared screens to the recipient, are under continuous control of the system. DataPortal is a stable and secure environment for small, medium, and large systems. To start working in DataPortal it is necessary to have the Inventia telemetry module and know its serial number and IMEI. One module entitles you to set up one account, but many modules can be attached to each account, enabling the creation of even very large telemetry systems with visualization using any device with a web browser.


Without additional software

The system is operated in any web browser

Without additional server architecture

Using DataPortal does not require any additional equipment, all you need is a computer, tablet or phone.

Without additional licences

Fixed subscription fee or flexible billing system for used resources.

Benefits of a cloud solution

Cost savings related to the building and maintenance of own server infrastructure


Preview on devices of various types via web browsers or a dedicated application.



Automatic scalability as the system grows.



Many simultaneous users with different permissions under one account.

Przykładowe zastosowania

Zrealizowane projekty

Dotychczas z naszymi Użytkownikami
zrealizowaliśmy między innymi następujące projekty:

Control and monitoring of hydrophore and sewage pumping stations.

Monitoring of electricity generation in wind farms and photovoltaic installations.

Predictive monitoring of electrical switchboards with an SMS and e-mail notification system.

Controlling and monitoring the operation of power generators in emergency power systems.

Monitoring of parameters in cathodic protection stations

Liquid parameters monitoring system with notification of exceeding the permissible standards.

Graphical reports of water consumption based on the remote reading of water meters.

Monitoring and remote control of the operation of sewage pumping stations.

Monitoring and remote control of the operation of sewage pumping stations.
Monitoring of pressure booster sets and pressure boosting stations
Monitoring of water and wastewater flows in the water and sewage industry for billing purposes.
Pressure control on water mains.
Monitoring of water treatment plants and treatment plants.
Monitoring of mushroom cultivation parameters.

Frequently asked questions

If you did not find the answer to your questions contact us:


Tel: +48 502 056 503

No, DataPortal works in any web browser, without the need to install additional applications and plugins. You can also use it on tablets and phones.

It does not matter what operating system we use, as long as we have a web browser installed in it and access to the network.

No, DataPortal has a visual designer in which we only need to know what variables provide which type of data. The rest depends on creativity and the right selection of items from the toolbox.

Yes, DataPortal can be used on the phone, although it mainly concerns resource management or the preview of animation screens. The screen editor itself is such a complex application that it is simply not convenient to use it on the phone, although it is possible.
Yes, DataPortal is a cloud-based system that can be used by many users at the same time. There is no limit to the area of ​​management and design, and account administrators can set limits for simultaneous connections to watch ready-made animations.