How to start?

Account registration in the DataPortal system

To start working in DataPortal it is necessary to have the Inventia telemetry module, its serial number and IMEI number.

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Fast, convenient and professional!

Add users to your account and define permission levels for them.
Check the module and add it to DataPortal

Register your account in the DataPortal system using the telemetry or localization module.

Configure datasource and tags

Define the datasource from which you will start collecting data and add variables that will give you full object control.

Design a visualization

Create your own screen using ready-made items from the toolbox or build it from scratch according using your imagination.

Free trial period

At the beginning, we give you up to 90 points for testing the system to be used for a maximum of 3 months!

After this time, choose one of the two User Packages: Comfort or Professional.


When you want Inventia specialists to do all the work for you.


When you feel you can handle the challenge.

Do you have an MT or ML device?

The platform can be used by anyone who has the Inventia telemetry module. All you need to do is register the module and log in to your Account in your favorite web browser. Animated, scalable and responsive vector graphics ensure correct display of synoptic screens regardless of the resolution and aspect ratio of the display in the user’s device.

Frequently asked questions

If you did not find the answer to your questions contact us:


Tel: +48 502 056 503

No, DataPortal works in any web browser, without the need to install additional applications and plugins. You can also use it on tablets and phones.

It does not matter what operating system we use, as long as we have a web browser installed in it and access to the network.

No, DataPortal has a visual designer in which we only need to know what variables provide which type of data. The rest depends on creativity and the right selection of items from the toolbox.

Yes, DataPortal can be used on the phone, although it mainly concerns resource management or the preview of animation screens. The screen editor itself is such a complex application that it is simply not convenient to use it on the phone, although it is possible.
Yes, DataPortal is a cloud-based system that can be used by many users at the same time. There is no limit to the area of ​​management and design, and account administrators can set limits for simultaneous connections to watch ready-made animations.