Modern system for visualization of sewage pumping and compressor stations

Water and sewage industry

The use of the modern DataPortal visualization system by Inventia, operating in a safe cloud computing environment, for professional and reliable visualization of sewage pumping and compressor stations

The changing expectations of standard SCADA systems’ users, the development of mobile technologies, the rapid implementation of 5G technology and the limitations caused by COVID-19, and above all the need to remote work, greatly increased the pressure to quickly create telemetry systems based on cloud computing, in which data is stored on secure and certified servers located in Data Centers. An important issue is also a generational approach to the issue of visualization. The younger age staff, who cannot imagine their life without a laptop/smartphone and Internet access, appreciate the speed of access to data from anywhere and at virtually any time.

In response to the market needs, Inventia took up the challenge by creating a modern platform called DataPortal, which acts as a complete SCADA system and is a professional and economical alternative to standard SCADA systems.

The DataPortal system is responsible for the acquisition of data sent by Inventia telemetry modules installed on the supervised facilities, data recording to the database, their processing, and visualization of the process on monitored objects from the level of a web browser.

An important advantage of the DataPortal system is that there is no need to create and maintain a typical base station at the user’s site, that is, first of all, to purchase a communication gateway in the form of an MT-251 module or a series router, e.g. TK. And more, because the data from the facility is sent through a secure tunnel directly to the Data Center, the data acquisition process is independent of the user. The above feature significantly increases the reliability of the data acquisition process, which is “insensitive” to the user’s computer failures, computer shutdowns, WINDOWS system updates, or communication gate power offsets. To sum up, the data collection process takes place in the background automatically and does not require user supervision.

This article describes the functions of the remote supervision system of sewage pumping and compressor stations based on DataPortal.

Access to the visualization is provided by a standard web browser, so installation of any drivers is not required. All you need to do on any computer with Internet access is to start the browser, enter the website address, account name, user name, and password and we can start the data analysis process using a modern visualization module built into the DataPortal system.

Since the DataPortal system is a fully functional SCADA system with the ability to remotely influence the parameters or functions performed by the supervised facility, i.e. from anywhere in the world, with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone at our disposal, the user can analyze the work of distributed objects monitored by the DataPortal system, and influence the values ​​of defined process parameters.

CONTROL SYSTEM, whose engineers have been actively implementing solutions based on InVentia telemetry modules since 2002, began its adventure with the DataPortal system at the beginning of 2020. To verify the functionality offered by the DataPortal system, for the last 18 months we have been actively developing applications for the water and sewage industry by incorporating different types of objects into the structure of the system.


Structure of the visualization system of sewage pumping and compressor stations

In the described implementation, the control cabinets installed at the sewage pumping/compressor stations were equipped with the MT-101 and MT-151 telemetry modules by Inventia, with the application software developed by the CONTROL SYSTEM development team. 

Until 2020, only the desktop version of the visualization system was available to the user. In the face of limitations resulting from COVID-19, a decision was made to change the architecture of the visualization system and fully switch to the web version. The CONTROL SYSTEM team used the DataPortal system to perform the task. Data from monitored sewage pumping and compressor stations have been redirected to a safe tunnel, through which they are sent to the Data Center.

The resulting remote supervision system, created on the ground of DataPortal, offers all the functions of the previous desktop version plus additional functions that are available from the DataPortal level. Particular emphasis was placed on secure access to the remote control function of the facilities. The ability to generate control functions from anywhere after logging in required the creation of a log with reports on sent commands for each operator defined in the system. The above function is necessary to ensure control over the actions of operators who can issue commands from virtually anywhere, e.g. from a smartphone or tablet.

Visualization of the work of sewage pumping and compressor stations based on the DataPortal system

Benefits of using the DataPortal system

  • professional and economical alternative to standard SCADA systems, dedicated to telemetry solutions
  • intuitive and quick integration into the system of various types of Inventia telemetry modules
  • flexibility and openness guaranteeing trouble-free inclusion in the structure of the DataPortal system of objects with different functionalities, e.g. from standard pumping stations to more complex ones, equipped with inverters, crushers, flow meters, network parameters analyzers, etc.
  • scalability of the system ensuring its expansion with new facilities or functionality extension of the existing ones
  • a stable and safe environment for small, medium, and large visualization systems
  • visualization of the current state of monitored objects on animated screens
  • possibility of analyzing recorded variables on charts for both current and archival data
  • an ideal “start-up” solution, i.e. with a small number of facilities, with the prospect of trouble-free expansion of the system with new facilities
  • visualization of data from telemetry modules on animated synoptic screens
  • processing of input data into the information presented in a transparent and easy-to-interpret way
  • archiving of selected data
  • reporting and analysis of the collected data, alarming and notifying about critical states, e.g. about exceeding the set alarm thresholds
  • remote configuration of selected parameters of telemetry modules
  • data buffering and transferring it to other systems
  • access to information in a secured cloud
  • many simultaneous users, with different permissions, under one account
  • preview on devices of various types via a web browser
  • cost savings related to the development and maintenance of own server infrastructure
  • alarming with notification via e-mail and/or SMS
  • 24/7 non-stop operation of the system, even when the operator logs out or turns off the computer or tablet
  • a calculator of the cost of consumption of billing units built into the system, the so-called inPoints with access to billing informing about their use
  • the mechanism for “recharge the account” is built into the DataPortal system
Synoptic screens

The screenshots from the visualization system below show the appearance of the defined synoptic screens.

The screenshots from the visualization system below show the appearance of the defined synoptic screens:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Detailed synoptic of sewage station
  3. Settings
  4. Graph
  5. Flow balances
  6. Alarms
Realizacje projektów

Support from CONTROL SYSTEM in implementing visualization applications based on the DataPortal system

The CONTROL SYSTEM team offers the users of Inventia telemetry modules, as well as all those who want to start their adventure with telemetry, the possibility of full project implementation, starting from the definition of needs, through project preparation, programming of InVentia telemetry modules, and to the inclusion of objects in the DataPortal system.

Our goal is to create professional and cost-optimized telemetry systems based on InVentia telemetry modules and the DataPortal system.

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